Metal Edge is a heavy metal band from Athens, Greece, formed in 1990 by Aggelos Kokkorogiannis (guitars) and Andreas Gerogiakomos (guitars). Later Danos Aptosoglou (bass) joined the band.
In 1991 Metal Edge performed live for the first time in a local school, with Dimitris Kremmydas on drums. In April 1991, Aggelos’ brother, Takis Kokkorogiannis joined the band on drums. A month later the band recorded their first song, with greek lyrics, on a 4 track cassete recorder, titled “Metallikes Echmes” (Metal Edges) featuring Danos Aptosoglou as a lead singer, for the needs of a metal compilation by the fanzine Mass-Media.
By the end of 1991 the role of the lead singer was being shared equally by Aggelos, Andreas and Danos but as the months went on it came upon Andreas to take over that task.
By 1992 the band had performed in numerous concerts, in May 1991 in a school in Kalamaki, in August 1991 in Loutra Edipsou, in November 1991 in St.Ierotheos Peristeri. All that experience gained the band wished to record a number of their song in a studio. The band entered the studio in March 1992, but changes in their line-up again altered things as Danos (bass) left the band, being replaced by Christos Priskas (bass). These changes forced Aggelos into recording both the lead guitar and the bass parts.
Their first demo tape titled “Hell Agency” was finished by June 1992 containing the following songs:


Metal Edge – 1992

1) OLD MEMORIES (intro)
7) A DREAM UNFOLDS (outro)

From July 1992 up to February 1993 the band remained inactive due to more changce in their line-up. Takis Kokkorogiannis (drums) left the band due to professional obligations. By February 1993 a replacement was found in Takis Sotiropoulos (drums), who was 16 years old at the time but had every potential to lead the band into a more energetic style.
The band becomes active again and announces their comeback with two gigs, the latter at the famous “An” Club in Exarcheia.
By September 1993 the band’s line-up changes yet one more time. Christos Priskas (bass) was forced to leave the band to fulfill his military obligations. A replacement could not be found in time, so the band performed live in “AN” Club with Stelios Vounidis as session bass player.
The band performed two more gigs in “An” Club, but a session bass player could not be found, so Andreas (guitars) switched over to bass. Although the music of the band in based on intricate guitar work and complex arrangements demanding the presence of two guitars playing live, the two gigs were intense and passionate and well received by the crowd.
By 1994 the band was ready to record their second demo which was scheduled to be finished by the end of the year. The empty position of the bass player was filled by Gabriel Chatzivasileiou. The demo tape was titled “Insecure” containing the following tracks:


Metal Edge – 1994



In September 1994 Metal Edge performed live in the city of Kavala, which was a great success, although the sound covering was not up to the standards of the band. Two months later, on November 19th, the band traveled to the city of Kalamata where they did a gig in a local club named “Steki”. Their performance was one of their finest ever and the crowd, one of their biggest ever, was enthusiastic.
By February 1995 their second demo tape, is already circulating and the band is hoping for something better from the record companies. The production is the best the band had ever achieved so far. On the 25th of the same month the band visited Kalamata again for a gig, in the same club. This concert was their biggest success up’till then. The crowd had doubled and their performance gave them all a taste of pure heavy metal.
In March 1995 the band is rendered inactive for some time due to Andreas’ military obligations. Still more changes in their line-up as Christos Priskas (bass) comes back from the army and Gabriel Chatzivasileiou picks up the second guitar. The vocals are shared equally by Aggelos and Gabriel.
The band appeared live on January the 28th 1996 at the famous by now “AN” Club with Andreas on vocals. The crowd was especially warm and the band’s performance was satisfactory.
From that time up’till September 2000 the band remained inactive. The band’s member remained in contact and the feeling that something more could be achieved was still there.

In September 2000 Metal Edge was joined by Aleksandros Siderakos (vocals) and Nikos Valentzis (bass) and participated in a music competition named “Battle of the Bands” in “AN” Club. The band performed live three times for the needs during that competition in December 2000 and January 2001. It was as though Metal Edge had never left the scene and their performance granted them the second place in the crowd’s votings. In February 2001 the band played live in a gig in “Kontra”.
A short time after their last performance, and while Metal Edge had begun recording their first complete album, Nikos Valentzis (bass) left the band and was replaced almost immediately by Christos Ringas (bass). This change was followed by two live performances, on March 2001 in Athens at “AN” Club and on May 2001 in Thessaloniki at the Campus’amphitheatre.
The recording for their first album were completed by June and the final mastering was done by July 2001. The album was titled “Back from the Edge” and contained songs from their first two demo tapes with different arrangements and even more intricate guitar work. The songs on that album were the following:


Metal Edge – 2000

1. Heavy Metal (intro)
2. Insecure
3. Fuckin’ Speed
4. I’m impossible
5. Metal Edge
6. Edelweiss
7. The die is cast
8. A dream unfolds
9. Judgment Day
10. Euthanasia
11. Hell Agency


Metal Edge – 2004

The CD was mailed to record companies, radio producers, fanzines and friends. The feedback was very positive and the new image of the band coupled with their improved sound created the circumstances for a remarkable comeback. There were numerous contacts with record companies for the distribution of the cd, but to no avail.
A short time after Aggelos Kokkorogiannis (guitars) had to leave and fulfill his military obligations. The band chose not to remain inactive and performed live several times, in October 2002 in Petroupoli at a club named “Aeras”, with the help of a session lead guitarist, in “Rodeo” Club and in “X-Bug” Club in March 2002, in “An” Club in October 2002, in “Rodeo” Club in November 2002, in “Camel” Club in December 2002, in “An” Club in January 2003, and in “Woodstock” Club in February 2003, with Aggelos on lead guitars.
After Aggelos fulfilled his military obligations the band started working on ideas for new songs. In March 2003 the band played at a festival in “Gagarin” put together by the metal magazine “Metal Invader”. Their performance was stunning and they received vary warm feedback from the audience and the magazine itself.
In September 2003 Aleksandros Siderakos (vocals) left the band. After a long search Giannis Stamatakis (vocals) joined the band.
Metal Edge immediately started working on their new songs and recorded a studio live for a promo cd in June 2004, with Giannis giving his personal contribution to the songs, dictated by his classical training and experience. In October 2004 the band played a gig in “Rodeo” Club.
Giannis stayed with the band for almost two year. Unfortunately, in early 2006, his job at the Lyrical Scene in Athens forced him to leave the band to focus on his classical singing. Giannis’ departure led the band in the decision not to find a lead singer but to remain a quartet. Andreas Gerogiakomos handled all the vocals leaving all the guitars up to Aggelos Kokkorogiannis. Christos Ringas (bass) and Takis Sotiropoulos (drums) remained in the band.

Metal-Edge -2006

Metal Edge – 2006

April 2006 the band started their website ( ), where one can find all the band’s song in digital form ( mp3 ) and can have free access to their material. The site features an active forum where the band’s friend and the fans can share opinions and communicate.
Although everything seemed to work out just fine and the band had booked a live performance in “Lazy” Club at June the 6th, two of the bands members ( Aggelos Kokkorogiannis and Andreas Gerogiakomos ) were in a motorcycle accident which, except from serious injuries cost them dearly because, in combination with Chris’ military obligations, it kept them inactive for at least one an a half year.
Still, the band’s members were not disappointed by the turn of events and after overcoming their injuries they started working on their new material. The recording originally took place in their home studio but the band decided to continue working in a professional sound studio. The band now aims at recording a second studio album with the best possible sound and hope to find a record company to handle the distribution or the recordings of the songs.
The current line-up of the band is :

Andreas Gerogiakomos (vocals)
Aggelos Kokorogiannis (guitars
Christos Ringas (bass)
Takis Sotiropoulos (drums)